LINSTONE, a VIP Memorial Headstone Supplier in China, Shines at China Xiamen 2023 Stone Fair


LINSTONE, a prominent VIP Memorial Headstone Supplier in China, made a remarkable presence at the prestigious China Xiamen 2023 Stone Fair, the largest stone show worldwide. With an impressive booth located at C5081, LINSTONE showcased around 15 exquisite granite products, captivating visitors with their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

While renowned as an OEM Headstone Manufacturer for Worldwide Stonemasons, LINSTONE demonstrated its versatility by offering customized designs in a wide array of natural stone colors, catering to the unique preferences of its partners and potential clients. This flexibility further solidified LINSTONE's reputation as a trusted industry leader.

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Adding an extra touch of elegance to their booth, LINSTONE collaborated with Robin, the intellegent entreprenuer and owner of Xiamen Sharetrade Company, who is a distinguished exporter of artificial plants. Robin showcased eight stunning artificial plants, each boasting unrivaled beauty and realism. Attendees were treated to an enchanting display, with photos and price lists available below.

The partnership between LINSTONE and Robin aimed to create a synergy between natural stone memorials and the enchanting allure of artificial plants. Their joint presence at the Xiamen Stone Fair was a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation in their respective industries.

As the fair unfolded, LINSTONE and Robin eagerly engaged with visitors, discussing their offerings, sharing knowledge, and building relationships. The dynamic duo's collective expertise and captivating product range garnered substantial attention and admiration from attendees, promising a successful outcome at the event.

LINSTONE's unwavering dedication to delivering top-quality products and personalized services, coupled with Robin's artistic flair and expertise in artificial plants, left a lasting impression on all who visited their booth. The Xiamen Stone Fair provided a platform for LINSTONE and Robin to shine, solidifying their positions as leaders in their respective fields.

With the conclusion of the event, both LINSTONE and Robin expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support and positive feedback received during the fair. They look forward to leveraging the connections made and the exposure gained to foster lasting partnerships and propel their businesses to even greater heights in the future.

KC071-120A, Height 120CM, MOQ200PCS, 16 USD/PCS;

KC071-180B, Height 180CM, MOQ200PCS, 32 USD/PCS;

PC188-120A, Height 120CM, MOQ200PCS, 27 USD/PCS;

PC188-180A, Height 180CM, MOQ200PCS, 54 USD/PCS;

PC120-1,       Height 150CM, MOQ200PCS, 32 USD/PCS;

PC120-2,       Height 180CM, MOQ200PCS, 41 USD/PCS;

PC192-150A, Height 150CM, MOQ200PCS, 31 USD/PCS;

PC192-180A, Height 180CM, MOQ200PCS, 39 USD/PCS;