Service from LINSTONE  --- natural stone headstone supplier

Our product range includes stone memorials, as well as a variety of sculptures such as fountains, gazebos, fireplaces, statues, columns, flowerpots, reliefs, architectural elements, abstract sculptures for garden decoration, and indoor & outdoor ornaments and architectures, among others.

When it comes to AutoCAD drawings, our priority is working closely with clients to fully understand their ideas and bring them to life with a professional blueprint for their meeting.

We take pride in our granite manufacturing process, which involves 100% cutting and polishing to ensure that the final product meets with our clients' approval and leaves no room for surprises.

With over 30 years of experience, our carvings and statues team specializes in creating stunning sculptures of Angels, Jesus, Mary, life-size statues and figures, animal sculptures, trees, and flowers, among other designs.

Our sandblasting lettering and motifs service is meticulous, as we check each letter to ensure that the final headstone is a serious and respectful memo.

We offer both laser and hand etching services for photos, allowing us to etch pictures onto both small and large pieces with precision.

For easy installation on site, we pre-assemble our columbarium, mausoleums, and masterpieces at our factory before shipping them to their final destination.

We deliver our products to any destination via ship, rail, or truck, and we can act as your virtual sourcing department in China for all kinds of goods, such as working tools and machines, and commercial promotion.


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